Friday, August 24, 2012

Brotherly Love

Yes, this is a short "awww" post.

One of the stated reasons for having Hikaru was our fear of only-childhoodness for Makoto. Simply put, Makoto is a people person. This kid makes friends without even thinking and tends to become rather despondent if he doesn't have someone, anyone, to play with. Yes, he can play by himself, but he is so much happier when there's someone to play with.

Now this wasn't the only reason for having another child, but both Beloved and I did view the notion of a playmate for Makoto as being a plus for the debate. And slowly it has become so. As with most big brothers, Makoto wasn't exactly thrilled with his younger sibling. At first Hikaru couldn't do anything interesting, he cried, he was smelly, he couldn't even move. As time goes on however and Hikaru leaves babyhood for toddlerhood, Makoto and Hikaru have started to play, loudly, together.

This is what we hoped for after all, but we weren't really ready for just how much Hikaru has come to love his brother. Yes, he's still very much attached to Daddy and Mommy, but he also follows 'Kakoto' around the house and they two of them have taken to going upstairs together to very loudly giggle and play (Followed by the inevitable fights of course). Pretty much any time the kids are together, the house is filled with shrieks, giggles, yelling, screaming, and loud thumps as the two roughhouse their way around the house.

Beloved has given up keeping them separate as Hikaru will stand at the bottom of the stairs and howl if Makoto has gone upstairs without him and Makoto has figured out how to open the baby gate and let him up anyway. Bed time has also changed with both boys sharing (And migrating around in circles on) the same futon. Beloved complains that she no longer can sleep with her baby as her baby has tossed her over for his brother.

But, noisy as it is, there's something special seeing two brothers like this.

Now if Hikaru could just get it through his head that while Makoto does love him, he doesn't exactly love him first thing in the morning and running into the bedroom yelling "Kakoto! Kakoto!" isn't going to endear him to his brother...

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