Thursday, August 9, 2012

Boobs = Lunch, or World Breastfeeding Week

I missed it, which is sad. I wish I had known about it sooner in order to say something about it.

August 1st through 7th is World Breastfeeding Week. Now this is something that, normally, dads just aren't that involved with, for obvious reasons.

That said, I think that more dads need to come out more about it. We need to support our partners in this. Yes, there are medical reasons, personal reasons, a whole host of reasons, why a woman might choose to not breastfeed, or only do so for a short time (For the record, both boys breastfed for a year, right up until growing teeth made it more than a bit uncomfortable and even then they DID get formula), but if your mate chooses to breastfeed, we should damn well support them.

When Beloved was tired, she still breastfed. When she was hungry, she still breastfed. In public, who cares? It's time to pop the boob out and feed that baby. And thankfully, Japan understands this notion. Breasts do not always = fun sacks that guys can enjoy, they also mean lunch to a hungry baby. In Japan, we simply don't see the hang-ups in the US about OMG! NEKKID BOOBS! Kids don't have to eat under a blanket, they're not asked to dine while their mom sits on a toilet because someone might get a red, puffy, nipple flashed at them while the kid is attempting to get at the good stuff.

In fact, truth be known, the ONLY time we had an issue with it was when we visited the US with Makoto and he needed to nurse. Then we had to try and find an out of the way place for this while Makoto screamed because in his mind, he shouldn't have to be waiting for food.

So, guys, this is why I say we've got to step up. It's not a woman's thing, it's a guys thing. We've got to state, hey, that's MY mate and MY kid and damn it, she can nurse him anywhere and anywhen and no, it's NOT objectionable, obscene, or anything other than a hungry kid getting lunch. we've got to tell our bosses this, tell our friends this, and tell those who do object this.

Let's remind the world that while a lady's breasts might indeed be a secondary sex characteristic that evolved for reasons beyond being just mammary glands, their primary function is as mammary glands and said glands provide the best start for our children.

I'll do anything for my sons, my wife as well. That's nothing to be ashamed of, it's something to be celebrated.

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