Monday, May 21, 2012


Well, it wasn't total, it was the annular and where we were, we missed the ring of fire by just a bit. But it was awesome. Even better, while I couldn't be with my sons during the height of it (Had to get to school a bit early so I could see it instead of being in my car), I did drag Makoto out of bed early to take a look while it was starting.

Now, Makoto had been a bit confused as to just what he was going to be looking at, not to I blame him. At age 4, understanding orbital mechanics is a bit difficult, but he enjoyed seeing the Sun with a bite out of it. Beloved reports that he was planning to take the solar filter to school to show to his teacher.

It was an awesome thing to share with my eldest son (I'm afraid that the youngest didn't care and was more interested in seeing if the solar filter was edible). I remember being woken very early one winter morn by my mother to see a total lunar eclipse. I've always been fascinated by the sky, the stars and the planets, and it's great to spread it around.

With any luck, I can haul my kids to a planetarium and have them like it too. And then I can get more astronaut ice cream without getting yelled at.

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