Thursday, May 17, 2012

So you get some kids...

This is what happens when I get bored and read some of the other fatherhood blogs out there. Thoughts like, "Hey, I could that" start perking up.

So to flesh out the cast of characters that will, if this continues, be gracing these pages. I'm an English teacher in Japan, I'm also a father of two. These two events are somewhat unrelated as I wasn't supposed to stay in Japan, really. I was supposed to head back to the US where I can understand the language a bit better and there's no worries about just what it is that I've been tricked into eating THIS time.

But, well, you get a guy... and then you bring in the Beloved wife who after spending time in the US moved back to Japan to be with her husband, and 9 months later you end up with a bouncing baby boy. Three years down the line and you have TWO bouncing baby boys (And believe you me, with sons, I mean BOUNCE. Flubber, they must be made of flubber!) and a decision about where is the best place for You, the Beloved, Makoto, and Hikaru staring you in the face.

Thus why almost 8 years later, I am not only still in Japan, but have put down enough roots to keep me from blowing over in the next typhoon or falling over during the next earthquake.

So that's what this blog is about, because while reading all those daddy blogs, I didn't run into many of them who talked about the trials, joys, adventures, mis-adventures, disasters, and other things of interest that come from raising half-American, half-Japanese boys in Japan.

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