Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let's go shopping!

I hate clothes shopping. With a passion. Yes, I'm a guy, but that isn't it. I'm sure it's more being a geek than guy. After all, put me in a bookstore and I can kill hours gleefully going from stack to stack. I usually have to be dragged kicking and screaming from tech stores.

But... clothes... Blech. But it needed to be done. A year of dieting has knocked me down from 230 pounds to 180 and the clothes, they just do not fit anymore.

Actually it was more to the point where if I undid my belt, I better have a hand on my pants less they do a good imitation of the Drop Zone.

So before going to the supermarket, Beloved, the kids, and I wandered over to UNIQLO, which is a rather popular Japanese casual clothing store. Cheap prices, pretty good clothing, and they'll recycle old stuff from their brand if you want. I honestly don't have much of a beef with them except that the last time I went I was getting bigger, not smaller, and had gone beyond what they had sizes for (They market to skinny Japanese, not sumo wrestlers, or fat Americans).

This time the added challenge was two kids, one of which thinks stores are just fantastic places to run around in, and the other one who's starting to feel the same way. The end result was a kind of odd dance.

The steps were reach for pants that might fit, hook leg around escaping toddler, bring under ladder. Search for better size, stop 4-year-old from jumping from stepladder, twirl with two pairs of jeans with their legs arching around while attempting to not step on toddler now playing under feet. Grab belt and use it to lasso 4-year-old who is making another break for the bra section (And wonder for the nth time about why a 4-year-old is that interested in bras). Finally, toss clothing into basket, kids at Beloved, and storm off into the changing room.

Just to hear "Hi Daddy!" and look over my shoulder with my pants around my ankles to see Makoto peeking his head in from underneath the curtain.

There is something to be said about this whole Internet shopping idea.

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