Friday, June 8, 2012

The Quiet Times

I know that my sons might disagree with this, I'm pretty cure they rank the trip to Tokyo Disneyland as their all time favorite Daddy moment (Daddy drove, carried, pushed, and payed for it all after all), but I'm finding that my best memories with my sons are the quiet times.

By quiet I don't mean they are quiet, these boys talk in their sleep after all, but that they are moments that you wouldn't think of as being all that important. We haven't gone anywhere special, except maybe a park. It's not a birthday or a celebration of anything, it's just daily activities but...

It's sitting with my sons and reading a book.

It's working out in the backyard and looking up to see Makoto attempting to copy me by putting on his winter gloves to mimic the work gloves I have on while gardening.

It's having Hikaru sitting on my lap in the morning stealing my breakfast, again.

It's attempting to write a blog entry and being startled by Makoto with a drawing of Daddy that he just did.

It's Hikaru singing to me while I fold the laundry.

It's giving hugs good bye and high fives before walking out the door for the day.

It's all of that. Fatherhood happens in the quiet times, the bits and pieces of your child's life when he or she just shares themselves with you for no other special reason except that YOU happen to be that person they call Daddy.

The might remember the big stuff later on, the games, the parties, the celebrations, the trip to Tokyo Disneyland, but I think I will always remember my boys for the quiet times when I get reminded just how lucky I actually am to be called Daddy.

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