Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life Lessons for My Sons #2

  1. There's nothing wrong with spinning around in circles just for fun. You might want to stop before you get so dizzy that you bump into the wall a few times though.
  2. If you attract the attention of a girl and she chases you, you're on your own dude. Hiding behind Daddy isn't going to work, he knows better.
  3. Take pride in your accomplishments; while no one likes a braggart, there's nothing wrong with announcing how you just pooped to everyone in the house.
  4. Never assume Daddy is going to back you up when you're up against your mother and the topic is the changing of clothes, the taking of baths, or the washing of faces. Daddy prefers not being kicked out of the bedroom. 
  5. Always offer a helping hand, even if all you can do is carry part of the towel and not the whole of one.

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