Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Let Those Toy Guns Fall to the Ground

It's the wandering cold. It's come back for a visit and since I told it that I could do without its company, it has thus decided to check out other family members. First it wandered over to Makoto, sending the poor boy to bed early one night with a slight fever. Last night we woke to Hikaru throwing up a bit (Not that this stopped him from waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning to raid Daddy's breakfast as usual), and not to be outdone, Beloved has announced that she has a sore throat.

It's just that time of year, and the family that plays together, eats together, and sleeps together shares germs like no one's business.

But what was interesting was last week when Makoto got sick. Now, honestly, I think he was playing it more for effect than anything else. The kid sure didn't act sick when he was playing with his brother, but boy did he droop when I suggested it was time to clean up for dinner and when he decided that he didn't like dinner, he was far too sick to eat. Thus Dr. Dad prescribed "Well, if you're too sick to eat, to bed you must go".

This probably wasn't what he was expecting, but oh well.

What was interesting though was that left Hikaru alone. Normally my house is never quiet (Unless the boys are sleeping, and even then) and the shouts of two active little boys in an constant state of play/battle are our constant companions. Makoto and Hikaru just do... everything together. Makoto might not like it, and yes, it usually goes that they play for about 5 minutes then get into a fight which causes one to come screaming to whichever parent they can find first to complain, but in watching Hikaru wander around without his playmate constantly calling "Makoto! Makoto! Makoto!" Well, it makes you really feel just how close my two sons are right now. We didn't exactly plan on this, but, yes, it's obvious that Hikaru idolizes his older brother.

Also it made us realize that a bored Hikaru is a dangerous thing.

Since big brother was not to be found and Mommy was doing this... work thing, that left but one person left to play with...

Guess who?

Actually though, it was fun to have more one on one play time with Hikaru. I usually don't have one-on-one time with him. Makoto of course gets more, mainly because he can be taken to places, like a class, that I can't take Hikaru yet. Young age makes dealing with Hikaru a bit tricky so usually I get either Makoto or both boys, not just Hikaru. I'm explaining this so that my surprise at just how violent my youngest son is will be understood.

Let me restate that, Hikaru isn't dangerously violent, not in a "Whoa boy do we have trouble" bit, but it's a little disconcerting when your two-year-old picks up a rolled up newspaper and "shoots" his parents with it, proclaiming he's a GoBuster! I'm fairly sure this too is the result of having an older brother, Makoto didn't get into the rough-n-tumble stuff until much later in life. In fact, I don't think he started "shooting" anyone until age 4, or at least a late three. But here is Hikaru, barely two, and already attempting to GoBusters! Punch! and GoBusters! Kick! and GoBusters! Bang bang! his parents.

I'm really starting to think there's some truth to this TV is too violent thing. Maybe.

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