Friday, October 26, 2012

The Stereotypical Writer's Block Blog Post

Yeah, I'm going there.

What's annoying is that there's so many things I can write about, but I want to wait on. Halloween is coming up and the boys and I have been busy with many related projects, but... given that Halloween Japan isn't the same as Halloween America and we'll be finishing up via our trick or treat'ing on Saturday... I wanted to wait a bit.

Then there's the bit about my kanji studies, the torture of working on these damn squiggly lines because after 8 years in Japan, I'm tried of having a literacy rate that is below Makoto (Who is currently teaching himself how to read Japanese). To that end I've gone the Remembering the Kanji method, which I admit so far so good, even though I am more than slightly confused as to just how and why a mouth with a shellfish equals a pop song, but since Beloved is also confused, that makes me feel better. I could rant on that for a wee bit, but... Well, it hasn't even been a week, surely I should make some more progress before stating anything.

I wanted to talk about school lunches and the differences between American grub and Japanese grub... But, I need to get a picture of Japanese grub and my students eat too quickly for that to happen.

We've been to the park again, and of course Thanksgiving is going to come with my first attempt at cooking a traditional turkey dinner for my in-laws, but that too should wait until we get more done.

Add in the boys have actually been behaving themselves and... well... we're busy, but it's the kind that doesn't lead to anything, we're just waiting right now.

So I sit and stare at a blank page and wonder just what to write, given that I've been tossed off my schedule by being busy to work towards these various goals.

Kinda funny, really, Fall is the busy season for us with birthdays, holidays, last minute travel, and getting ready for winter and yet while we're busy filling up the days, hours, minutes, and seconds of our lives it hasn't been with anything to talk about.

So, for those still reading this, I ask that you bear with me and expect a much longer post tomorrow or the day after when the boys and I come back from our Halloween treats.

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