Monday, July 2, 2012

Spelunking for fun and profit!

Alright, it wasn't much of a cave, one couldn't stand in it. In fact, while it held two boys quite comfortably, it was a much harder fit for Daddy who was on his stomach the whole time, but still...

The excitement of exploration, looking around this new area, what wonders will we meet? What interesting creatures infest the depths that we, the first ones ever to tread this ground, will be encountered?

Will the supplies last? Will the light? What if there's an earthquake or some other disaster?

Quietly, afraid that the slightest sound would bring down the roof, or worse, we crept along the floor of the cave till we hit one of the walls, reaching upwards to the ceiling above us. Fearfully, we climbed a bit, pausing constantly to check each other and to motion for silence, the only sound being muffled giggles and harsh breathing.

Completing the climb, we spied daylight out through a somewhat irregular opening in the cave, not enough to escape from, no, but enough for us stick our heads out and see what new sights could be seen... and then... we saw it.

Imposing! Impossible! Incredible! She towered above us, though still at a great distance. For now it seemed as if she was ignoring our presence, but who knew? At any moment she could spy our intrepid band of explorers and all would be lost, for who could hope to stand against her?

Quickly we shimmed back down into the cave! The light dimming back into a soft gloom as we dropped down from the wall, frantically gesturing for silence as not to provoke the dreaded Mommy Monster!

Sadly, Beloved told us that dinner was going to be soon, so it was time to clean up the cave the boys and I had made out of the chairs and a few blankets.
The Cave!
I seem to recall a few summers spent in various table/blanket forts that were constructed around the garage and backyard from time to time, it might not have been as impressive as, say, the caves we visited one summer in Yamaguchi, but... for two little boys on a rainy afternoon, what better way to spend it than hidding with their father from Mommy in a homemade cave?

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